5 Apps to Help You Stay Organized All Semester


If you’re returning to college, you might be thinking about how you could do better this semester. In particular, improving your organizational skills would be a huge help. This is less difficult than you may think, especially when you use some of the following organization apps.

1. Trello

The first thing on your list needs to be a project management app. Trello is a great option because it makes it easy to visualize everything on your to-do list and gives you the satisfaction of being able to mark something as complete. You can create boards with names like “To do,” “In progress,” and “Done” and designate items to workspaces (such as for different classes).

2. Flora

To stay focused on your studies and avoid becoming distracted by your phone, use Flora. You set a timer for however long you want to spend on schoolwork and a virtual plant grows in the app — provided you don’t open any social media or gaming apps in this timeframe. By staying disciplined, you can create a beautiful garden. You can also involve your friends, to earn extra trees.

3. Quizlet

Flashcards are the perfect tool for studying for exams, practicing concepts in a study group, or just making a note of all the key concepts you need to remember for a class. Quizlet is a top choice for a flashcard app because the tests and games make using the cards engaging. Plus, you can make your own decks or find ones that a student or teacher has already created.

4. Mint

You have more than just schoolwork to worry about when you’re a college student — you also need to keep your finances organized. Mint provides a range of useful functions, such as setting spending limits for budgeting purposes, helping you save for big-ticket items, and combining the funds in your checking account with the expenses on your credit card. It’s a much better alternative to keeping track of your finances in a spreadsheet.

5. Headspace

You’ll find it easier to become better organized if you take care of your mental health. Headspace provides a variety of meditations to suit your mood. It’s ideal for helping you relax after a long day of class or during a break from studying to avoid burnout. You could also use the app before and after a big test — first to put you in the right frame of mind and then to destress. Finally, you could use Headspace as part of your morning routine or to help you sleep at night, using the stories designed specifically for bedtime.

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