5 Fun Alternatives to Valentine’s Day


If you’re single on Valentine’s Day, there’s no need to feel left out — all over the world, people will be celebrating themselves and their single friends. Some of these holidays fall on February 14, whereas others are a day just for singles. You can use these alternative holidays as inspiration for your own celebrations this year.

1. Friendship Day

February 14 in Finland is called Ystävänpäivä, which means Friendship Day. This is a celebration of both couples and friends — people give cards and gifts to their best friends as well as to romantic partners. If you want a celebration with all your closest friends (single or otherwise), this could be the route to go.

2. Singles Awareness Day

Valentine’s Day is obviously huge in the U.S. To counter this, Singles Awareness Day has sprung up. It takes place on February 15, giving singles the chance to celebrate each other after the mushy romantic day is over.

3. Singles’ Day

China doesn’t celebrate Singles’ Day until November 11. You could celebrate it now anyway or add it to your calendar for the fall. The unofficial holiday has now existed for a few decades and was created in direct protest of Valentine’s Day. Today, it’s all about single people purchasing things for themselves. Why not treat yourself for something you’ve wanted for a while or start saving for November?

4. Black Day

In Korea, the holiday for singles is called Black Day. It doesn’t come until later in the year either — but you only need to wait until April 14.

It’s traditional for singles to eat the Chinese–Korean noodle dish jajangmyeon, which is made with pork and vegetables and coated in a black bean sauce. There are also variants of the dish made with seafood and other types of meat. If you can find a restaurant near you serving these noodles, this could be a great way to celebrate with some single friends. Alternatively, you could try preparing the dish yourself at home.

5. International Quirkyalone Day

If you’d prefer to celebrate something on Valentine’s Day itself, International Quirkyalone Day could be for you. Instead of celebrating anyone else, you recognize yourself — in particular, your individuality. Even people in relationships can celebrate this day because it’s all about appreciating your freedom and your own company. Some ways to commemorate the holiday include holding a games night with friends, letting other people know how much they matter to you, and enjoying some alone time, perhaps by taking yourself on a date.

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