6 Tips for Preparing to Move Off Campus


It’s common to start out living on campus, only to realize later that this is not the best option for you. Whether you want more privacy and more freedom, the chance to choose where you live and who you live with, or lower rent and no meal plans, moving off campus is the logical decision. Whereas this is nowhere near as big of a transition as moving out of your parents’ home, it still does require some preparation.

1. Choose an Affordable Apartment

Figure out your budget before you even start searching for housing. This will prevent you from visiting places that are too expensive, which can only lead to heartache.

2. Think About Who to Have as Roommates

Pick roommates according to who would be best to live with, rather than who are your closest friends. It’s important that your roommates are able to pay their share of the rent on time, want to keep the apartment clean to the same standard as you, and are good communicators. In addition, your roommates should have a similar lifestyle to you to avoid conflict. For instance, living with people who party constantly when you want peace and quiet to study is a recipe for disaster.

3. Learn About Meal Preparation

You’ll save a significant amount of money if you prepare most of your meals. However, you need to learn how to purchase the right amount of food on your regular grocery run and how to prepare nutritious meals. This will involve searching for recipes, working out your meals for the week, and writing a shopping list before you leave home. You may find that all this requires some practise to get right!

4. Check the Lease

It’s true that the most desirable housing tends to be snapped up quickly, but that’s no excuse for rushing into signing a lease. Read the terms carefully and ask for clarification if there’s anything you don’t understand. The last thing you want is to face hidden fees, struggle to receive timely attention for your maintenance requests, or lose your security deposit.

5. Perform a Move-In Inspection

Before you start moving in any of your belongings, inspect the apartment for damage. Keep a record of what you find to ensure the landlord won’t charge you for damage when your lease ends.

6. Take Out Renters Insurance

It’s worth taking out renters insurance to cover yourself in the case of natural disasters, theft, damage to your personal property, or liabilities. Insurance is a small expense for the protection you’ll receive.

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