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Your Source for Student Housing in Barrie Near Georgian College

It’s no secret that your college years are some of the best years of your life! The study and focus on your education is mixed in with carefree downtime and plenty of fun, and there’s no better place to soak up the best of these years than in our student residence in Barrie. Meet other students, take advantage of our convenient location just a 10-minute walk from the Georgian College’s Barrie campus, and immerse yourself utterly and completely into college life with shared accommodation. Barrie students, get ready to make memories to last a lifetime.

Make yourself at home…

It’s time to find your home away from home with our student housing. Barrie students can surround themselves with other college students all at the same stage in their educational journey, ready to get the most out of their college days – both socially and educationally. The best part about immersing yourself in the world of student housing  is the lifelong friendships you will form along the way.

Spend your days heading to college and focusing on your education, and spend your evenings getting to know others living in your shared accommodation. There are plenty of community amenities on site to meet others, or enjoy a little solo downtime, depending on your preference. Make use of our fitness center, outdoor grilling and fire pit, outdoor half basketball court, study rooms, common area lounge and so much more.

Location! Location!

Do you struggle to drag yourself out of bed in the morning? You’re not alone — it’s a challenge many college students face. Fortunately, it’s a breeze when you’re living just a 10-minute walk in our townhouses for rent near Georgian College. Barrie students get to enjoy the luxury of some extra shut-eye in the morning. Wake up, stumble out of bed and across the road to Tim’s for your morning coffee before joining your college mates on the short stroll to campus to begin classes.

Enjoy the extra benefits our student housing offers by saving on the bus fare and enjoying a few extra winks of precious sleep each and every morning. No commute in sight!

The perks don’t stop there, though. Our student rentals are also conveniently located just a short walk from the Georgian pub, taking you from day to night once classes end, which is all part of the college experience.

Check out your new space!

Our Barrie Ontario rentals come equipped with everything you need for comfortable living and so much more. All our student housing comes fully furnished, so you don’t have to lift a finger. Our housing is among the best student rentals Barrie has to offer, complete with a large couch, coffee table, and a wall-mounted 42-inch TV.

Don’t stress, you won’t have to spend your time off digging for quarters and queuing for laundry. Our student rentals also have a stacking washer and dryer in the comfort of your own suite! It’s the perfect shared accommodation for entertaining friends, with a fully-equipped kitchen stocked with all the appliances you need, such as a dishwasher, stove/oven, over-the-range microwave and fridge. Finished off with a kitchen table that’s perfect for sharing a meal, or even studying with friends.

The Ultimate Off-Campus Residence

Located just 10 minutes away from Georgian College’s Barrie campus, the student housing at Arcadian Students is the ideal home to base yourself for your student years.

You have everything you need nice and close by with Tim’s for coffee, convenient healthcare and public transportation just steps from our student housing. Take a virtual tour today and see what’s on offer!


Furnished Rooms for Rent Barrie Near Georgian College – Book Now

Rooms for Rent in Barrie Near Georgian College

Welcome to college life! Late nights cramming for exams, long days spent sitting in lecture after lecture, then the long commute home… not anymore! Your college life should be the perfect mix of work and play, which is where our fully-furnished rooms for rent come in. Cut out your commute entirely and live just a 10-minute walk away from Georgian College. Our community is ready with open arms to offer you the college experience of a lifetime.

A Home Away From Home

Our rooms for rent in Barrie Ontario are the perfect home away from home, complete with all the creature comforts you know and love. Make a whole new family as you fully immerse yourself in college life, all while enjoying a range of convenient amenities.

Spend a full day of study on campus, focusing on your studies and meeting new people, before walking back to your home away from home and settling in for a night of unwinding with other students.

Our furnished rooms for rent offer everything you need and more, with all the incredible communal amenities that you can make use of.

Check Out Your New Room

We understand you might not be able to come and check us out in person, which is why we have virtual tours available, so you can gain a great insight into what you can expect from each of our furnished rooms for rent. Barrie students can enjoy the range of layouts that have been designed with college students in mind. Choose from our 5-bedroom suite or 5-bedroom townhouse – find a style to suit your tastes and check out our rooms for rent on one of our virtual tours.

Each of our rooms for rent in Barrie comes complete with everything you need…and more! Enjoy the convenience of fiber internet from Bell so you can get all of your work done without any stress. Set yourself up on the couch, or make use of the big kitchen table that’s perfect for sharing a meal or studying.

The best feature of our furnished rooms for rent is the onside laundry. No need to waste valuable minutes queuing outside — you can get everything you need done from the comfort of your own space.

Check Out Your Communal Space

When it comes to our rooms for rent, you enjoy so much more than just your own space. We also have fantastic communal amenities onsite, so you can mingle with other students and relax and unwind wherever you choose.

While our rooms for rent are nice and spacious, there will be times you’ll be wanting to get out and about to stretch your legs. You can head straight to the fitness center for your daily exercise, or simply to clear your mind before the next study session. Gym not for you? Hit the half basketball court and challenge some mates to a bit of competition.

You can also meet up with friends from class and make use of our outdoor grilling and fire pit. There’s no better way to unwind after a busy week at college than next to a toasty fire. Near our rooms to rent you will also find a common area lounge where you can sit and mingle, along with study rooms for those all-important cram sessions.

Bring Your College Experience To Life

Our rooms for rent in Barrie near Georgian College are the perfect options for your college days. Enjoy the peace of mind having everything right on your doorstep. Wake late, wander out for coffee at Tim’s, then enjoy a casual stroll down the road to your lessons.

Keep college life as it should be: simple.


Furnished Apartments for Rent Barrie Near Georgian College – Book Now

Student Apartments for Rent in Barrie Near Georgian College

Student life is a time you remember for years to come, reminiscing on the hard work and dedication, along with the hours of downtime and friendships forged with like-minded people. This is precisely what we offer in our apartments for rent. Barrie students can get the most out of their college experience thanks to our incredible facilities and communal areas to share with others, along with our close proximity not only to Georgian College, but public transport, healthcare, and the Georgian Pub. With our apartments for rent in Barrie Ontario, you can make your college years ones to be remembered.

Enjoy Our Apartments To Rent

Looking for fully furnished apartments for rent near Georgian College? Barrie students can enjoy our student housing which comes with all the furniture needed for a comfortable living space. We understand you might not be able to make it out before then to see the place, which is why we have virtual tours of our layouts, so you can experience everything our apartments for rent have to offer.

It’s the perfect residential retreat to unwind and enjoy at the end of a busy day, with a large couch, coffee table and wall-mounted 42-inch TV. Each of our furnished apartments is outfitted with new appliances, including a dishwasher, stove/oven, over-the-range microwave and fridge, with a great kitchen table to cook, eat or study.

Communal Spaces for Everyone

College  truly is a communal experience where you will come into contact with many different people from different walks of life and forge lifelong friendships in the process. Our apartments for rent make this even easier thanks to all the communal spaces we offer to relax, work out, or simply just chat with others.

Get Fit & Have Fun

Our  fitness center is equipped with everything you need for a productive workout to help you blow off some steam, or to simply stay healthy. Whether you enjoy a solo workout each day or prefer exercising with friends in tow, you have full use of the fitness center to achieve your goals.

If you prefer to get outside and away from your furnished apartments for a little while, head to the outdoor basketball half court and challenge some mates to a game. It’s a great way to unwind after a busy day at college, while meeting more like-minded people.

Cook and Chat

While all our apartments for rent come with full-stocked kitchens and stainless steel appliances to use, it can be nice to get out and mingle with other college students. Head down to the outdoor grill and fire pit for a night of good food, good chatter and good fun. There’s nothing more comforting than a fire to really warm you up on a chilly evening.

Prefer something indoors? We also have a communal area you can head to on rainy or cold afternoons, where you can sit in the comfort of indoors and simply curl up with a good book, or chat with those around you.

Study Time

Of course, college comes with plenty of study time as well. When you find yourself frantically finishing off that latest assignment, or cramming for the next test, head on over to our study room with a designated area to work. All our apartments for rent also have great kitchen tables that can double as the perfect study spot to get work done.

The Ultimate Off-Campus Living

Make Arcadian Students your new home away from home. When you’re seeking all the amenities you need and more to ensure you enjoy a comfortable stay, turn to our furnished apartments. Barrie students make the most of their college days with our well-appointed housing.


Arcadian Students – Student Accommodation Near Georgian College

A Home Away From Home In Our Residence Near Georgian College

Here at Arcadian Students, we’ve created a community for you to immerse yourself into throughout your stay. Less than a 10-minute walk from campus, you can put that extra commute time you save into a good sleep in, before wandering across the road to Tim’s for that all-important morning coffee. In the evening, you can wander down the road to Georgian Pub to make the most of your college nights, or enjoy the many amenities we  offer at our Georgian College residence, from outdoor grilling and onsite fitness, to convenient study rooms and communal spaces. It’s all about creating the perfect off-campus housing for you.

Upgrade Your Living

Living away from home should never mean settling for less. We want your college experience to be as enjoyable as possible, which is why we have all the best amenities ready onsite for you to enjoy.

Our Georgian college off campus housing comes fully furnished, giving you one less thing to think about when making such a big move. Instead, turn up and unwind in your off-campus housing at the end of a busy day learning. Each suite comes with a large couch, coffee table and wall-mounted 42-inch TV.

The kitchen is also well stocked so you can prepare your own meals from the comfort of your home. All the new appliances are waiting to be road tested, with a dishwasher, stove/oven, over-the-range microwave and fridge. And you can even get your laundry done while cooking. No need to leave your room with a stacking washer and dryer in your suite. Easy!

There’s plenty to do outside your room as well, with a fitness center, half basketball court, communal area, study rooms and even an outdoor BBQ and fire pit just ready for you to use. Meet friends, stay social, or study hard, all in the one place.

A Location You Just Can’t Beat

Do you know how many hours college students lose each semester to the commute? It’s a timekiller that could be much better spent forging new friends, relaxing with a good read, or getting in some extra study time. Mornings will become a lot less stressful with more time for sleeping in when all it takes is a 10-minute stroll down the road to get to class.

Make the most of your college days with our accommodation near Georgian College. Barrie students can wander down the road to check out restaurants, cafes, shops and more, or make use of the healthcare nearby. Spend your nights at the Georgian Pub, or take advantage of public transport on your doorstep.

Our off campus housing has everything you need to enjoy your home away from home.


7 Tips for Hosting a Friendsgiving

Whether you’re unable to go home for Thanksgiving with your family or you just want an excuse to eat Thanksgiving food twice in one year, hosting a Friendsgiving is never a bad idea. This is your chance to spend time with the friends you’re thankful to have in your life, show off your cooking skills, and organize an evening to remember. To make sure your Friendsgiving is successful, here are a few options to consider.

1. Have a Potluck

Preparing all the food yourself is a lot of pressure. Plus, it could be expensive if your guest list is quite long. With a potluck, your guests can each bring a dish they’re comfortable preparing, meaning you end up with a wide variety of food to suit all different tastes. Just make sure you do coordinate beforehand so you don’t end up with several of the same dish. In addition, you’ll also need to assign drinks to a couple people — perhaps those not known for their cooking prowess.

2. Opt for Chicken Instead of Turkey

If you’re in charge of the roast, it could be better to cook two chickens instead of a turkey. Chicken cooks faster and there’s less risk you’ll make a mistake. Plus, you can add herbs to give the meat extra flavour.

3. Don’t Forget Dessert

Make sure at least one person is bringing dessert. It doesn’t matter if you all eat a huge amount during the meal — everyone will still be expecting something sweet at the end. Cookies or pie are ideal, especially paired with hot apple cider or cocoa.

4. Experiment with Your Dish

To ensure your dish stands out, you may like to put a twist on a traditional recipe. For instance, you could mix bacon with your Brussels sprouts, add some butternut squash to your mac and cheese, or try a unique sweet potato recipe.

5. Make Sure You Have Enough Dishes and Utensils

You may only have enough silverware, dishes, and serving utensils for yourself, your roommates, and a couple guests (at the most). Ask one of the guests to bring extra to ensure you have enough to serve the food and eat.

6. Keep the Oven On

Guests who are bringing hot dishes will need to heat up their food before you can serve it. Avoid delays by making sure your oven is already hot when people start arriving.

7. Tell Everyone to Be Punctual

A Friendsgiving is no occasion to be fashionably late. If everyone is punctual, you’ll be able to sit down and eat together while the dishes are in optimal condition. Guests arriving late, on the other hand, could mean dishes overcook or go cold.

Of course, you’ll also need somewhere suitable to host your Friendsgiving — and, obviously, a dorm room won’t do. You can find rooms for rent in Barrie, Ontario, at Arcadian Students. Our spacious suites have fully-furnished kitchens with granite countertops and stainless steel appliances. Apply to lease an apartment now while there are still some units available.


What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your College Life

Although you shouldn’t base any major life decisions on the zodiac, it can be fun to see what your sign says about your experience at college. The insights you gain can be useful for thinking about what actions you could consider taking to succeed. Below is some fun info to use as inspiration.


The practical rule-follower, your friends often come to you for advice. Since you’re able to handle pressure well, don’t be afraid to take difficult classes or apply for an internship you know will be challenging.


You may initially struggle at college due to your need to be alone on a regular basis. Once you’ve figured out a schedule that works for you, though, you’ll thrive. In your spare time, put to good use that drive to help others and your ability to relate to all sides of a story without judgment by volunteering for a cause that matters to you.


Your sensitive nature could mean you end up involving yourself in someone else’s drama. If a problem has nothing to do with you, leave it alone. Instead, focus your energy on the things you do well: academics and creative projects.


To get along with people from all different backgrounds, consider holding your tongue before you say something brutally honest. College is your chance to shine in all things competitive — from sports teams to your academic goals.


You’ll find it easiest to succeed at college if you stick to a routine — although you shouldn’t be afraid to be flexible. If you work hard, you can definitely achieve good grades and do anything else you put your mind to.


Your personality means you crave a little bit of everything — and you also have plenty to offer others. Fill your days with variety and choose classes that satisfy your curiosity.


As you prefer a close-knit group of friends over a large number of acquaintances, your favourite activities at college will be movie nights at home and clubs where you have the chance to be creative. Just be careful about becoming too reliant on others — college should be about learning to be independent.


With your big personality, you’ll naturally attract many friends. You’ll often find you’re the one planning new and exciting activities for everyone. As a natural leader, elected positions in clubs are perfect for you. However, as a harsh self-critic, you shouldn’t beat yourself up if you don’t win the first time.


While your friends are complaining about the big research projects they have due, you’ll be enjoying the chance to perfect every detail. To maintain that calm, collected exterior, though, you need to make time for self-care. Apart from that, you’re likely to have a great time at college because you’re naturally attracted to new experiences.


You love to socialize, but you also prefer to avoid all types of conflict. To make the most of your time at college, participate in plenty of clubs where you can make many friends. People will be drawn to you because of your fairness — just remember to put yourself first sometimes.


Put your passionate energy to good use by joining your college debate team or choosing classes where you’ll have the chance to express your opinions. Friends will frequently be turning to you to solve their problems, but make sure you have enough alone time — you know how much you enjoy your own company.


You’ll have the chance to feed your inquisitive mind at college. Avoid becoming bored by developing an interesting routine packed with clubs, spur-of-the-moment outings, and interesting classes.

No matter what your zodiac sign says, it’s up to you how you shape your college life. For instance, you can choose where you want to live — you don’t need to stay on campus. A great alternative to Georgian College residence is Arcadian Students. You’ll have your own room in a beautiful apartment or townhouse with great onsite amenities like a fitness centre, outdoor grill, and study rooms. Contact us to learn more about our short-term leases.


5 Apps to Help You Stay Organized All Semester

If you’re returning to college, you might be thinking about how you could do better this semester. In particular, improving your organizational skills would be a huge help. This is less difficult than you may think, especially when you use some of the following organization apps.

1. Trello

The first thing on your list needs to be a project management app. Trello is a great option because it makes it easy to visualize everything on your to-do list and gives you the satisfaction of being able to mark something as complete. You can create boards with names like “To do,” “In progress,” and “Done” and designate items to workspaces (such as for different classes).

2. Flora

To stay focused on your studies and avoid becoming distracted by your phone, use Flora. You set a timer for however long you want to spend on schoolwork and a virtual plant grows in the app — provided you don’t open any social media or gaming apps in this timeframe. By staying disciplined, you can create a beautiful garden. You can also involve your friends, to earn extra trees.

3. Quizlet

Flashcards are the perfect tool for studying for exams, practicing concepts in a study group, or just making a note of all the key concepts you need to remember for a class. Quizlet is a top choice for a flashcard app because the tests and games make using the cards engaging. Plus, you can make your own decks or find ones that a student or teacher has already created.

4. Mint

You have more than just schoolwork to worry about when you’re a college student — you also need to keep your finances organized. Mint provides a range of useful functions, such as setting spending limits for budgeting purposes, helping you save for big-ticket items, and combining the funds in your checking account with the expenses on your credit card. It’s a much better alternative to keeping track of your finances in a spreadsheet.

5. Headspace

You’ll find it easier to become better organized if you take care of your mental health. Headspace provides a variety of meditations to suit your mood. It’s ideal for helping you relax after a long day of class or during a break from studying to avoid burnout. You could also use the app before and after a big test — first to put you in the right frame of mind and then to destress. Finally, you could use Headspace as part of your morning routine or to help you sleep at night, using the stories designed specifically for bedtime.

As well as becoming better organized, you’ll have a more successful semester if you study hard and attend all your classes. This is possible when you live near campus in student rentals. Barrie students can move into Arcadian Students. You’ll be able to walk to campus in less than 10 minutes (meaning you’ll never be late for class) and you’ll have your own bedroom in a fully-furnished suite where you can study in peace. Contact us to move in before next semester begins.


How to Get Off on the Right Foot with Your Roommate

To feel comfortable in your new home, it’s crucial to get on well with your roommate. If you’ll be sharing with someone you’ve never met before, making a good first impression and having reasonable expectations for your relationship is key.

1. Reach Out to Your Roommate

Ask for the contact details of your roommate — meeting each other the day you move in will be less awkward if you’ve already had the chance to chat. You can also use the chance to check out what kinds of things your roommate posts on social media, which can tell you a lot about your roommate’s interests, personality, and lifestyle.

If you’ll be sharing with a few roommates, set up a group chat. As conversation starters, you could ask your roommates what they’ll be studying, how they feel about the school, and what they’ve been doing over the summer.

2. Explore the Area Together

During your first few days at college, you may feel lonely — but striking up conversations with strangers can be intimidating. Ask your roommate to attend events with you to avoid being alone. You could also walk around campus together to figure out how to get to your classes and to locate the most important places. If you want to go farther afield to check out the local area, use the opportunity to go on a shopping trip to purchase things to decorate your apartment.

3. Make Other Friends

There’s a chance that your roommate will end up being one of your closest friends, but it doesn’t always work out that way. It’s more likely that you’ll remain just regular friends or even acquaintances. Even if your roommate does end up becoming your best friend, though, it’s still important to branch out and have your own life. Talk to other people at the events you attend, sign up for extracurriculars you know you’ll enjoy, and establish your own group of friends.

4. Talk About Rules

Have a conversation with your roommate soon after you move in about boundaries. You may want to avoid such a conversation because you don’t want to come across as bossy, but it’s important to establish rules to ensure everyone is on the same page. For example, you’ll need to discuss whether you’ll share any food items, how you’ll divide up the cleaning, and the etiquette for having guests over.

5. Address Problems as They Arise

Unfortunately, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to avoid conflict entirely. Instead of expecting your roommate to be a mindreader, talk about any issues that are bothering you before they turn into resentment. Having said that, you do need to realize that your roommate may have some habits you dislike but that are not a big enough problem to bring up. Part of living with others is acknowledging that people from different backgrounds have different ways of behaving in their own homes and what you may consider unusual could be completely normal for someone else.

It’s easier to have a good relationship with your roommate if you at least have your own room in your student housing. Barrie students can receive a private bedroom and bathroom in a suite or townhouse at Arcadian Students. All our floor plans are spacious and located less than a 10-minute walk from campus. Apply for a lease now to move in before next semester.


What Should You Ask When Touring Colleges?

Once you’ve made a shortlist of the colleges you may like to attend, the next step is to take some campus tours. To make the most of your tours, it helps to ask plenty of questions — not only of the tour guide and the people you meet, but also of yourself! Here are several key questions you definitely need to ask.

1. Why Did You Choose This College?

You may gain useful insights into what makes the college a great choice if you hear other students’ reasons for choosing it. If these reasons resonate with you, this could be an indication that it’s the right college for you.

2. What Are the Classes Like?

Things like class sizes and opportunities for student participation in the classroom can make a big difference to your educational experience. You can also ask students (especially those studying your major) about the opportunities to hear talks with guest lecturers, take field trips, and put the skills you learn into practice.

3. Do You Interact Much with Your Professors?

Professors can simply deliver lectures and mark assignments — or they can be a great source of support during your time at college. Find out from students if the professors tend to be approachable and if they offer students any chances to get involved in research projects.

4. Have You Worked an Internship?

Another way to gain valuable experience and develop contacts in your field is to work an internship. Talk to students about whether the college has helped them find suitable internships and how the experience was.

5. What’s the Social Life Like?

Find out how students spend their weekends — are there events taking place on campus or extracurriculars to join? If you’re interested in a particular club or organization, try to find a student who’s a member and can give you more information.

6. What Do You Think of the School?

In addition to asking students this question directly, observe them to see if they appear happy or exhausted, stressed or motivated. Also consider their tone of voice when they talk to you about their experiences to judge their enthusiasm.

7. How Do I Feel About the Campus?

Your immediate feelings about the campus can be a great indication about whether you’ll be happy attending the college. You may not be able to put into words exactly what you like or dislike, but this is just as important as whether the college offers your major and interesting extracurriculars.

You’ll most likely receive a tour of the on-campus student residence when viewing colleges, but you should bear in mind that a better option for housing is to search for rooms for rent. Barrie students can find a home at Arcadian Students. Our student housing provides you with much more than just a room: amenities include a washer and dryer within your apartment, high-speed internet, a fitness centre, and an outdoor area with a grill, fire pit, and basketball half court. Book a tour to check out our housing on the same day you visit Georgian College.