How to Enjoy Summer Even with a Busy Schedule


For many students, summer is a time to relax, take a break from studying, and perhaps travel with friends. However, if you need to work, you’re taking summer classes, or you find an internship, your schedule could be as busy as ever. Still, it’s important to enjoy some of the summer — and you should find that you do have the opportunity, no matter how busy your schedule is.

1. Maximize Your Free Time

You may find you have more free time than you realized if you’re simply better organized. When you’re working on homework, don’t allow yourself to become distracted, as the task will end up taking longer than necessary. Unless you have a compelling reason to stay late, leave work or your internship on time — you’ll find that usually whatever else you need to do can wait until tomorrow. Finally, carry a change of clothes with you to avoid needing to go home and you’ll be able to head out straightaway in the evenings. Increasing efficiency in these ways can free up hours of your time.

2. Embrace Downtime

When you do have free time, don’t feel like you need to pack it with activities. What you need most could be just to relax. Check the list you have of everything you want to achieve this summer and decide if some items are not actually necessary. Anything that doesn’t lead to self-improvement, prepare you for the fall semester, or help you reach your career goals should go.

It’s important to have plenty of downtime for both your mental and physical health. Allowing yourself to relax releases tension in your body and gives you time to think. If you even become a bit bored, you may find that your creativity improves, which could lead you to solve a nagging problem or come up with an idea for an exciting project.

3. Switch Off Your Devices

You’re likely wasting some of your free time if you’re always glancing at your phone. While checking social media can be relaxing for a while, spending too much time online can distract you from more enjoyable activities. Besides, messages can almost always wait — especially if they’re from work on your day off. At least occasionally, turn off your devices and leave them inside while you go out to enjoy the summer weather. You’ll notice a big difference to how you feel when you give nature your full attention.

4. Take a Short Trip

Even if you only have a few days free during the summer, it’s enough to take a short trip. Camping with friends is a top choice, as you won’t spend much and you’ll be able to sleep under the stars. Alternatively, you could go back to your hometown or visit a friend who’s also staying at university over the summer but in a different city.

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