Should You Consider a Social Media Cleanse?


You likely check your social media profiles throughout the day without even thinking about it. Whereas social media definitely has its share of benefits — for instance, it allows you to stay in touch with friends at other universities and to build a network that could be useful after you graduate — it can start to consume your life. Having the occasional social media cleanse can be beneficial in a few ways.

1. Discover How Much You Rely on Social Media

You may be unaware of just how much you use social media until you stop. At the beginning, you’ll likely find yourself automatically reaching for your phone to check your feeds. It’s important to acknowledge how often you do this to take steps to incorporate social media into your life in a healthy amount after you finish your cleanse.

2. Improve Your Mental Health

Even though most people are aware that social media can have a negative impact on their mental health, they continue to use it every day. Having a social media cleanse will likely reduce your anxiety and make you happier. In particular, a short break may be exactly what you need if you’re feeling stressed. Pay attention to how you feel — and remind yourself of this feeling if you notice that you’re slipping back into bad habits in the future.

3. Cut Negativity Out of Your Life

A major reason social media has a negative effect on mental health is that feeds tend to be filled with people who seem to have better lives than us. This is natural — everyone likes to post the best aspects of their lives — but it’s even more pronounced if you follow influencers. You may start to feel envy or worry that you’re not as successful or living as full a life as other people. When you step away from social media, you have the chance to focus on yourself.

4. Practice Self Care

Use the time you free up during your break from social media for self care. Rediscover a hobby you’ve been neglecting, read more books, or find other new activities you enjoy. You’ll be surprised about how many hours you have available for these things when social media is not consuming all your time.

5. Focus on Real-Life Interactions

Whereas social media is a great tool for staying connected to people who are far away, nothing compares to spending time with friends in person. With a social media cleanse, you’ll be able to give your friends at college your full attention, which will strengthen your relationships and help you make new friends.

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