5 Ways to Spend Your Winter Break


Winter break initially comes as a relief, but it’s easy to quickly become bored. It can come as quite a shock to go from having a packed schedule to having almost no responsibilities. However, there are plenty of things you can do over winter break to make the most of your time.

1. Prepare for Next Semester

Preparing for the upcoming semester will help you avoid a rush at the beginning of next year. You could purchase the textbooks you’ll need for your classes and list the books you no longer need on online marketplaces to make some cash. If no one gives you a planner as a present, buy one yourself and fill it with key dates, goals for the year, and other important information.

You could even prepare for beyond this semester by researching study abroad opportunities and internships. Sending applications early will put you at the top of the list, which is crucial if there are only a limited number of available places on your preferred program.

2. Set Health and Fitness Goals

You may have found it more difficult than you expected to stick to a balanced diet and to exercise daily while at college. Now is the perfect time to change that by preparing for a healthier lifestyle next year. Beyond setting intentions, you could learn to cook while at home — your parents may be able to help you with recipes and tips. In addition, you could start a new fitness routine that you’ll be able to continue either in your student apartment or at the gym when you return to university.

3. Find a Seasonal Job

Give yourself something to do and earn some spending money by searching for a temporary job. Many businesses require extra help at this time of year, such as for deliveries, in warehouses, and in retail — this extends until after the holidays when businesses are dealing with returns.

4. Start a Business

If you want to run your own business after you graduate, now is the perfect time to gain some experience. Explore ideas for a startup over winter break to operate either in your local area or online. For instance, you could offer a pet sitting service, provide activities for local kids while their parents are busy, or sell crafts. It’s best if whatever you choose relates to your major or career goals.

5. Search for Volunteering Opportunities

Another way to gain valuable experience and have something to put on your resume is to volunteer. Many local nonprofits welcome volunteers, even if they’re only able to commit to a couple weeks. You could work at an animal shelter, senior centre, or soup kitchen. Alternatively, you could start your own initiative, such as by collecting items like food, clothing, and blankets from locals to give to homeless people.

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