6 Tips for Easing the Transition to College Life


Going from living at home with your parents to college life is a major life change. Many college students find their first year difficult, especially at the beginning when everything is completely new. There are a few things you can do to have a positive college experience from the start.

1. Take Things Slow

Don’t expect to figure everything out immediately. Some things take time, including making friends and even settling on a major. For instance, the first people you meet could end up becoming your best friends, but it’s unlikely. You’ll probably need to attend events, talk to various students in your classes, and search for other opportunities to socialize before you find a group of close friends.

As for choosing your major, give yourself time to explore your interests. You may discover that you like a particular class much more than you expected or a professor could inspire you to pursue a different direction than you originally intended.

2. Allow Yourself to Feel Homesick

No matter how excited you are to start college, it’s normal to feel homesick. After all, you’ll be leaving everyone you know behind and creating completely new routines. This can make for a difficult adjustment. Staying in touch with people back home but also embracing your new life by becoming active on campus can help you overcome homesickness sooner.

3. Learn About the Resources on Campus

Your college likely has a range of services available to help you with the transition. This includes academic advisors who can help you choose the right classes to meet the requirements for your major, a careers centre where you can receive advice about your options after you graduate, and a writing centre where you can improve your papers to gain better grades. There will also be services to help disabled students succeed (such as through accommodations like note-taking assistance in lectures) and mental health services for counselling.

4. Join Clubs

The college experience is about much more than just your studies. By participating in a range of extracurriculars and belonging to campus organizations, you’ll feel more a part of your school. It can be intimidating to go to that first meeting, but you’ll find that a large number of new students will also be attending.

5. Talk to Your Roommates

You’ll be sharing some living spaces with roommates: it’s important to keep channels of communication open to avoid conflict. For example, it can be helpful to have a cleaning schedule and ground rules for things like noise, visitors, and sharing food.

6. Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

When you feel better physically, you’ll feel better mentally. Set a bedtime to ensure you get enough sleep every night and never attend your classes sleep deprived. Otherwise, you’ll find that your decision-making and creative capacities are reduced. In addition, try to eat a balanced diet. Avoid sugary snacks and meals high in salt and fat by purchasing plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains when grocery shopping. It helps to prepare most of your meals, and even snacks, at home.

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