6 Ways to Gain Work Experience as a Student


Completing college will make a big difference to the job opportunities available to you. Unfortunately, though, most employers still prefer candidates with at least some experience. There are several ways you can gain work experience while you’re still a student to give yourself an edge over other graduates.

1. Use Your College Career Services

Beyond providing you with an education, your college can help you in ways. One service you should check out is career support. An advisor will be able to give you ideas for possible jobs to pursue that match your goals, prepare you for interviews, and check your resume.

2. Search for a Job on Campus

There are usually many opportunities to work on campus. Often, these positions are only open to students, which reduces the competition. Other advantages to working on campus are that it will be easy to get to your job and you’ll have an employer who understands that you need to fit your schedule around academic commitments (like classes and preparing for exams).

3. Volunteer at a Club

A great way to pair your passions with work experience is to join a club at college and volunteer for a leadership position. You may need to win an election to gain the post you want, which could mean you face some competition. If you’re unsuccessful in your first year, consider settling for a different volunteer position and running for the next election after you’ve learned more about the club. This will look extra impressive on your resume.

4. Apply for a Summer Internship

To gain experience for the career you want to pursue, find an internship for the summer. Check your college publications to see if they’re advertising anything you may be interested in and do your own research. Bear in mind that it’s sometimes necessary to apply several months in advance and that the application process can take several steps. Keep a note of upcoming deadlines to ensure you don’t miss out on a great opportunity.

5. Network with Your Contacts

Utilize all your connections to open up more possibilities than you’d find on your own. Talk to professors, alumni, and family members who have contacts in the field you want to enter. You’ll find that people want you to succeed and will be happy to help.

6. Consider Diverse Opportunities

Avoid limiting yourself too much when looking for a job or internship. Dismissing opportunities because you’re only interested in something specific could mean you end up with nothing. Remember that a wide variety of positions could give you valuable experience, including learning how to collaborate in a team, developing your organizational skills, and working with customers.

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