9 of the Best Part-Time Jobs for College Students


Working part-time as a student will give you an income to support yourself and perhaps even help you pay off some of your student loans. The problem is you’ll need to fit your job around all your other commitments, including classes and extracurriculars. Plus, many students are in the same boat and all competing for the same jobs. To be successful in your search, look for jobs that tend to offer flexibility and have a high demand for workers. Here are a few positions to consider.

1. Childcare

If you’ve always enjoyed taking care of your younger siblings, find a job in childcare. Work freelance as a babysitter and you’ll be able to choose how often you work — parents will usually need you during weekends and evenings. If you take night classes, you could alternatively look for a job at a daycare centre or find a parent who needs a nanny during the day.

2. Pet Care

Do you prefer animals to kids? Plenty of jobs involve taking care of pets. Set your own schedule by becoming a dog walker (this is also a great way to ensure you exercise enough) or find a job as a groomer or providing another type of animal care. An extra benefit is that being around animals can help with managing stress.

3. Bartender

A great option for an evening job is to become a bartender. You’ll find it fun to learn how to prepare a variety of drinks (a skill that will definitely come in useful) and you’ll meet new people all the time, especially other college students.

4. Driver

An ideal option for students who have their own transportation is to become a driver. Sign up on a few apps and log in whenever you have free time. On occasions when you’re willing to forgo a night of partying, you should find you have plenty of clients. Alternatively, you could do food or ecommerce deliveries.

5. Barista

Coffee shops are favourite hangouts for students looking for a caffeine fix or a change of scenery to study. For this reason, there tend to be a great number of them in college towns. Find one that will allow you to take shifts during the day that fit around your classes.

5. Cashier

Another position that tends to offer shifts that can work well with your schedule is a cashier. This usually requires no prior experience, as you’ll receive all your training on the job. Options for work include grocery stores, shops on campus, and fast food restaurants.

6. Server

A job as a server will look great on your resume, as it shows that you’ve acquired valuable people skills. Other advantages include the high demand for workers in the evenings and often a free (or at least discounted) meal with every shift.

7. Nursing Assistant

When possible, it makes sense to find part-time work that is related to what you want to do after you graduate. For example, if you’re looking to start a career in healthcare, you should try to gain some valuable experience by working as a nursing assistant. Positions may be available at a hospital, clinic, or assisted living facility.

8. Security Guard

You can find regular evening work as a security guard by working as a bouncer at a bar or monitoring a building after business hours. Alternatively, there may be weekend jobs available at places like museums and stadiums.

9. IT Support

Computer science majors — as well as anyone with a good understanding of IT — are in a great position to provide support to others. It’s common for problems with simple solutions to flummox someone who lacks a background in IT. Working as a support specialist will put your skills to good use and earn you an income.

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