A Checklist for Your First Week at University


Your first week at university is a whirlwind. Not only is there a huge amount to do, you’re also adjusting to your new life. To make sure you stay on track and avoid feeling overwhelmed, follow this checklist.

1. Make Your Apartment Feel Like Home

Beat any homesickness you may be feeling by transforming your apartment into your new home. Don’t delay in unpacking all your belongings. In particular, make sure you have some decorations that reflect your personality. For instance, you could hang some photos on the walls, display your favourite trinkets on your desk, or create a backdrop out of fairy lights.

2. Set Ground Rules with Roommates

Prevent conflict between you and your roommates by sitting down together to discuss ground rules. You’ll need to cover your expectations for having quiet times to study, rules about having guests over, how you’ll divide the cleaning, and anything else you feel is important. It’s also worth having everyone sign a contract when you’ve come to an agreement.

3. Start Meeting People

Try to expand your social circle beyond your roommates. The best way to meet new people during your first week is to attend a variety of campus events. If you’d prefer not to go alone, ask a roommate to join you — use the free food that’s likely to be available as an incentive.

4. Acquire Your Textbooks

Find out what textbooks you’ll need for your classes and research your options for acquiring them. As well as buying new copies from the campus bookstore, you may be able to find them at discount bookstores, purchase them used from other students, or lease them from a rental service.

5. Familiarize Yourself with Campus and the Surroundings

In addition to taking advantage of the formal tour of campus, spend some time exploring by yourself. Find all the places that will be important to you, such as where your classes and labs will be taking place, the campus library, and possible study spots.

This will minimize the risk of getting lost when classes start.
Since you won’t want to spend all your time on campus, you should also explore further afield. Find local grocery stores, coffee shops, and parks where you can relax if you have some free time. You may also like to look for potential activities for the weekends.

6. Find Out About Campus Resources

Make sure you know where you can find campus resources and how to book appointments with an advisor. In particular, find out where the financial aid office, academic advisors, health center, career services, and writing center are located.

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