Gen Z’s Guide to Networking with LinkedIn


As the end of your time at college approaches, networking becomes ever more important. A great tool at your disposal is LinkedIn. Since there are many ways to use the platform, it’s unsurprising that Gen Z has developed its own style, in line with the generation’s unique values toward work. Take advantage of the trends Gen Z is setting to enhance your own network.

1. Update Your Profile

Before reaching out to anyone on LinkedIn, make sure you’re presenting yourself as you want others to see you. If you haven’t updated your profile since you started college, it’s likely to be lacking numerous skills and experiences you’ve gained over the past few years. In addition, you may have new goals — for instance, you may be looking for opportunities for a summer job or internship or even be beginning to connect with employers for a job after you graduate.

2. Look in the Right Places for Connections

There’s a huge number of people on LinkedIn, but it may be a challenge to find those who would form a valuable part of your network.

Begin by searching for people you know, including other students, professors, and coworkers at your current and previous jobs. Even connecting with people who don’t work in your desired field is useful because they may know others who could be beneficial for your career. Having a mutual contact is often a great way to get your foot in the door.

Once you’ve added all the people you know, search for other users on the platform by industry, job title, or company. Be selective about who you add to your network — having a massive number of connections you never talk to is unlikely to provide many benefits. Instead, stick to people who you think may be able to provide you with advice, let you know about opportunities in the field, or even give you a job referral.

3. Build Meaningful Relationships

Instead of just requesting to connect with a stranger, send a message through the platform. Make sure you personalize the message, such as by referring to something on the person’s profile or mentioning a post the person made. Make it clear why you’re reaching out — for instance, by explaining your career goals or mentioning what kind of support you need. Continue building the relationship by checking in occasionally or commenting on content the person shares.

4. Join Groups

If you find it too intimidating to reach out to users cold, you may like to join groups on LinkedIn to connect that way first. This will enable you to engage in a discussion before you reach out.

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