A Comprehensive Spring Cleaning Guide for Students


With the cold weather now behind you, it’s time to invite spring into your apartment — through a deep spring cleaning. The problem is figuring out where to start. Cleaning the entire apartment can feel unmanageable. However, if you split it into the following smaller tasks, you’ll be done in no time.

1. Explore Under Your Bed

You may be surprised to find out what’s lurking under your bed. It’s common to push stuff underneath without realizing it, only for months to pass before you find these things again. Put the small items you find somewhere safe, throw dirty clothes in the laundry hamper, and throw out any trash.

2. Remove Winter Clothing from Your Closet

Take all your clothing from cold weather out of your closet and replace it with spring clothes. You can either take your winter clothes to your parents’ home (such as if you’re visiting for spring break) or store them in boxes under your bed or at the bottom of your closet.

3. Find Old Textbooks to Sell

Check your bookshelf for textbooks you no longer need. You can advertise them for sale with students at your college, list them online, or sell them to a secondhand bookstore.

4. Go Through Old Papers

Sort the handouts and notes you have from previous classes. Decide which you need and which you could throw out. It may be worth digitizing handwritten notes and printed papers to keep them more organized — either by typing them up or taking photos. Alternatively, invest in folders to ensure you at least know where to find them.

5. Reorganize Your Desk

A cluttered desk makes it more difficult to focus and can mean you waste time looking for things you need. Remove everything you don’t use on a regular basis when studying from the top of your desk and find a new place to keep these items.

6. Wash Your Bedding

Although you should wash your bedding once a week, it’s easy to neglect this task when you’re busy with more interesting activities. Use your spring cleaning as an opportunity to wash your comforter and blankets as well as sheets and pillowcases.

7. Dust Surfaces

If you’re suffering from spring allergies, dust could be the culprit. Wipe down all the surfaces, including your desk, windowsills, and bookshelves.

8. Disinfect Your Devices

You grab your phone and use your laptop all the time without washing your hands. Use disinfectant to clean all your devices — you’ll find that screens are much clearer when you’ve removed all the fingerprints.

9. Wash the Windows

Windows may also have smudges of fingerprints, as well as dust and dirt. Wipe them down with a cleaning solution to make them shine again.

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