Easy Décor Ideas for Student Apartments


One of the best things about moving into a student apartment is the chance to decorate your home however you like. You’ll want to create a space that expresses who you are and looks fantastic for Instagram photos, but the concept also needs to be easy and inexpensive to achieve. Certain types of décor meet all these requirements and are particularly ideal for students.

Wall Space for Storage

To gain more storage, take advantage of the walls. For instance, you can install floating shelves in your bedroom, hooks in the hallway for coats and keys, and a ladder shelf above the toilet.

Storage Baskets

Another great way to gain storage is with baskets. This looks much more attractive than fabric storage bags, meaning you can keep them out in full view.

If you have the space, you can also push some baskets under your bed and into your closet. Use these baskets to store things like clean sheets, blankets, out-of-season clothing, and laundry. In addition, smaller baskets are ideal for anything you use frequently in the bathroom.

A Coffee Station

The likelihood is you’ll be buying a coffee maker for your student apartment. With a coffee station, you can turn this into the centrepiece of your kitchen. Install it either on a countertop or bar cart along with everything else you’ll need to make the perfect cup of coffee, including pods or grounds, mugs, spoons, sugar, and creamer.

Decorations Around Your Desk

You may decide to put personal items on your desk to motivate or inspire you. The downside is they’ll create clutter and make it more difficult to study. You’ll soon find that you’re pushing things out of the way and your desk looks a mess. To avoid this, a better option is to decorate around your desk. Again, you can use the walls, but you can also take steps to make the space more comfortable, such as with a cushion on your chair.

Fairy Lights

Brighten up the walls in the rest of your bedroom, and perhaps the living room, with fairy lights. As well as simple strings of tiny bulbs, there are fun shapes and colours to choose from.

Mirrors in Every Room

Mirrors make rooms appear larger and brighter. Nail small mirrors to the walls, hang one over your closet door, and prop up a floor mirror where it will reflect light from a window.

Floor Poufs

A classier version of a beanbag is a floor pouf. These add style to your living room and provide you with a more affordable type of seating than expensive furniture like chairs and couches. Plus, when no one is sitting on them, floor poufs make great footrests.

Temporary Wallpaper

Peel-and-stick wallpaper is easy to apply and you can remove it without damaging the wall when you move out. Find a vibrant design and add it to just one wall to create an accent wall.

Plenty of Plants

Plants always make your home welcoming — and you can put them just about anywhere. If you’ve never taken care of plants before, choose some easy ones that require minimal care.

Before you can start planning how you’ll decorate, you need to find the perfect student apartment. Receive a room for rent near Georgian College, Barrie, at Arcadian Students. You’ll have your own bedroom and an en-suite bathroom to decorate however you want, along with a living room and kitchen you’ll share with four other students. Contact us today to secure your spot before all the leases are taken.