How to Get Past a Mid-Semester Slump


Many students find it’s around mid-semester when things start to get tough. By this point, you may have lost some of the motivation that came with the excitement of starting new classes. Plus, your schoolwork may be building up, with more readings, labs, and assignments to complete. All this may leave you in a slump.

Overcoming these feelings is important to keep up your grades and for your mental health. The good news is there are a few things you can do that will make a difference.

1. List Your Upcoming Due Dates

Make sure you’re clear about what you need to do over the coming weeks. Check the syllabi for all your classes to find out about upcoming assignments and exams. Put everything on a list according to the due dates to show you what you need to prioritize.

To decide when you should start working on an assignment or preparing for an exam, estimate how long you’ll need. Give yourself some buffer time in case it takes longer than you expect. In addition to considering the size of the assignment and how well you understand the material, look at its weight on your final grade to determine how important it is.

2. Set Weekly Goals

Using your due dates as guidance, set goals each week for the rest of the semester that will help you work toward completing your assignments. Finishing a couple tasks of a large project each week will make the undertaking feel more achievable, which should help with your motivation.

3. Ask for Help

If you’re feeling stuck with any of your assignments or classes, reach out for help. Your college has multiple resources to help you succeed. For instance, you can pay your professors a visit during office hours for clarification around homework or feedback you’ve received in the past. If you’re finding a particular class challenging, consider joining a study group to seek support from other students in your class or find out about tutoring services.

4. Reassess Your Schedule

It’s important to strike a balance between the different activities in your schedule. You need to spend enough time studying — but not too much time. Your schedule should also include enough time for exercise, self-care, socializing, and sleep.

5. Find Activities Outside Schoolwork

Adding other commitments to your schedule will prevent you from becoming overwhelmed with schoolwork. Join clubs to explore your other interests and meet more students — some of these students may be able to share their own advice for surviving a mid-semester slump.

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