How to Get the Most Out of a Paid Internship


If you’re lucky enough to have landed a paid internship, you need to take full advantage of the opportunity. In particular, here are a few things to do to make the most of your time and gain some valuable experience.

1. Ask Questions

Ask the people you work with plenty of questions. In addition to asking for guidance, find out the purpose of the projects you’re working on — both to improve your understanding of what the company is doing and to reduce the chance you make a mistake. In addition, ask for feedback after you submit work or meet a milestone.

It will be a confidence booster to hear about your strengths, whereas learning about your weaknesses can help you take steps to improve. Finally, ask people questions about their jobs and career paths — this could give you inspiration.

2. Offer to Do More

Instead of waiting for your supervisor to assign you tasks, be vocal about what kind of experience you want to gain. If something is happening you’d like to be a part of, ask if you can be involved. For instance, you may like to go to an event, attend a meeting, or work on a particular project. Your supervisor may be unaware that you’re interested in these things if you don’t speak up.

3. Network with People Throughout the Company

You’re in a unique position to network with numerous people in your field during your internship. Take advantage of the opportunity by striking up conversations — you could even offer to help, if you’re not too busy. If there are particular people in other departments at the company you’d like to meet, reach out to ask if you can schedule a meeting.

4. Save Some of Your Paycheck

If you were surviving on a limited budget before your internship, your earnings may suddenly provide you with a great deal of potential spending money. However, it’s worth trying to save at least a portion of what you earn. If you have any immediate needs, take care of these first. This may include high-interest debt or a depleted emergency fund. Next, consider if you could allocate a portion of your earnings to paying off your student loans or even putting some into a savings account. Use the rest for activities that matter the most to you, whether that’s shopping, going out with friends a couple times a week, or a hobby.

5. Find Other Ways to Gain Value

In addition to your earnings, an internship provides you with value in a variety of ways. For instance, you may be able to earn college credit, take part in training, earn certificates, or even eat the occasional free meal, such as at the weekly team lunch.

6. Let Your Supervisor Know If You’re Interested in a Job

If you can see yourself working at the company full time, communicate this with your supervisor. The company may have an opening for an entry-level position — it’s great if you can have a job lined up for after you graduate.

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