How to Start Preparing for Exams Now


It’s never too early to start preparing for exams — you can even begin right at the start of the semester. In fact, planning for exams from the moment you start your new classes is ideal because you’ll make sure you absorb information the first time you learn it. Here are a few things you can do to ensure you’re prepared for all your exams.

1. Create a Study Schedule

From the first day of classes, create a study schedule for the coming months. When you have a routine, it’s easier to make sure you study enough every day, which can help you avoid cramming. Be as specific as possible in your schedule to ensure you’re clear about what you need to do every time you sit down at your desk to study.

2. Make Time for Breaks

Avoid being too ambitious in regards to how much you’ll study. You may be able to keep up with a fast rhythm at the beginning of the semester, but you’ll soon burn out. Figure out how long you can maintain your focus and schedule breaks in between. In addition, give yourself a chance to rest and focus on self-care every day. Use this time for activities you enjoy that are unrelated to schoolwork.

3. Improve Your Note-Taking

Make sure your notes are helpful when you’re rereading them before an exam. Experiment with different note-taking techniques to find one that works for you. It may be helpful to digitize your notes to be able to easily add to the notes you take in class with information you learn from reading textbooks.

4. Take Advantage of Office Hours

Office hours are a great way to build a relationship with your professors. Early in the semester, use office hours to introduce yourself and discuss your goals. Later on, go whenever you have specific questions about the material or need a little extra help.

5. Find a Tutor

If you’re struggling with a particular class, skill, or subject, consider studying with a tutor. The one-on-one support you receive will go beyond what your professors are able to provide.

6. Join a Study Group

Another way to gain extra practice is to set up a study group. Meet at least once a week to discuss the concepts you learned in class and test each other on key definitions.

7. Attend the Review Sessions for Your Classes

To do well in your exams, it’s important to attend all your classes — and that goes double for review sessions. Review sessions give you the chance to find out what an exam will involve and what topics you should focus your attention on. You’ll also have the opportunity to voice any doubts with your professor.

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