What Should You Ask When Touring Colleges?


Once you’ve made a shortlist of the colleges you may like to attend, the next step is to take some campus tours. To make the most of your tours, it helps to ask plenty of questions — not only of the tour guide and the people you meet, but also of yourself! Here are several key questions you definitely need to ask.

1. Why Did You Choose This College?

You may gain useful insights into what makes the college a great choice if you hear other students’ reasons for choosing it. If these reasons resonate with you, this could be an indication that it’s the right college for you.

2. What Are the Classes Like?

Things like class sizes and opportunities for student participation in the classroom can make a big difference to your educational experience. You can also ask students (especially those studying your major) about the opportunities to hear talks with guest lecturers, take field trips, and put the skills you learn into practice.

3. Do You Interact Much with Your Professors?

Professors can simply deliver lectures and mark assignments — or they can be a great source of support during your time at college. Find out from students if the professors tend to be approachable and if they offer students any chances to get involved in research projects.

4. Have You Worked an Internship?

Another way to gain valuable experience and develop contacts in your field is to work an internship. Talk to students about whether the college has helped them find suitable internships and how the experience was.

5. What’s the Social Life Like?

Find out how students spend their weekends — are there events taking place on campus or extracurriculars to join? If you’re interested in a particular club or organization, try to find a student who’s a member and can give you more information.

6. What Do You Think of the School?

In addition to asking students this question directly, observe them to see if they appear happy or exhausted, stressed or motivated. Also consider their tone of voice when they talk to you about their experiences to judge their enthusiasm.

7. How Do I Feel About the Campus?

Your immediate feelings about the campus can be a great indication about whether you’ll be happy attending the college. You may not be able to put into words exactly what you like or dislike, but this is just as important as whether the college offers your major and interesting extracurriculars.

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