What to Do When You Have Too Much Homework


Perhaps you registered for more classes than you can handle or maybe some of your classes have a particularly heavy workload. In either case, you now have too much homework and are unsure of what to do. Instead of procrastinating and making the situation worse, use some strategies to tackle your homework effectively.

1. Take Your Time to Fully Read the Questions

It can be tempting to rush through your homework to complete it as fast as possible. The problem with this approach is you may misread questions and then either need to rewrite your answer (meaning the task will take twice as long) or receive a lower grade. Besides, spending enough time on homework now will save time later — when you understand the material better, you’ll have less to cover when preparing for exams.

2. Stop Striving for Perfection

If you’re struggling to keep up, it’s far more important to complete something on time than to craft the perfect paper or make sure you have absolutely no mistakes. This is especially true when a piece of homework has only a minimal impact on your final grade.

3. Start Homework the Day You Receive It

It can be tempting to complete homework the day before it’s due — or at least no earlier than a couple days in advance. However, when you take this approach, you’ll find it quickly leads to problems. It’s best if you can find the discipline to complete homework the day you receive it. There are some added advantages to this approach. Firstly, what you covered in class will still be fresh in your mind, which will make completing the assignment much easier. Secondly, if you run into problems, you’ll likely have enough time to ask for support, such as during office hours or at your study group.

4. Track How You Use Your Time

You may have more time available for homework than you realize — there’s a large possibility that you’re just wasting too much of it. Find out where all your time is going by tracking exactly how you spend each day. In particular, make a note of how many hours you spend on social media, gaming, watching series, and other unessential activities. By setting limitations, you may be able to free up a few hours a week to make your homework manageable.

5. Find a Place Where You Can Focus

Choose a place to complete your homework where you’ll be free from distractions like people interrupting you and noise. Ideally, this will be your desk at home, but other alternatives include the campus library, a coffee shop, or a study room.

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