Your Pre-Graduation Checklist


If you’ll be graduating this academic year, it’s never too soon to start preparing. Use this pre-graduation checklist to make sure you have everything in order.

1. Check You Meet Graduation Requirements

The last thing you want is to find out that you fall short of the requirements to graduate. Talk to your advisor to ensure you’ve taken all the necessary core courses for your major, that you have enough credit from electives, and that you’ll be able to meet the deadlines to graduate when you want. Once you’ve confirmed this, you’ll still need to apply to graduate through your college website.

2. Drop Classes That Start After You Graduate

You may have registered for classes that will start after you intend to graduate. It’s important to drop these classes, as your college will otherwise likely keep you on the attendance list. If you want to use the classes to pursue a second qualification, such as a graduate certificate, you’ll need to apply for the program before you can enroll in any classes.

3. Confirm Your Address

Make sure your college has the right permanent address on record for you. This will ensure you receive your credentials shortly after your convocation.

4. Make Any Outstanding Payments

Pay any bills you still owe your college, such as fees, fines, and tickets. If your college may owe you refunds, set up a direct deposit to receive the amount straight to your bank account.

5. Acquire Your Academic Regalia

Find out what academic regalia you’ll need for your convocation. This may include a gown, cap, tassel, and liripipe. Decide if you’d like to purchase all or some of these to have a memento of your graduation or if you’d prefer to rent everything to save money.

6. Share the Bookstore Link

Family members and friends attending your convocation may like to purchase a gift to congratulate you on your graduation. If you know this to be the case, send them a link to your college bookstore, where they’ll be able to find items like credential frames, graduation pins, and your school mascot.

7. Order Your Commemorative T-Shirt

There may be an option to receive a T-shirt with names of all the students in your graduating class. If you want one, it’s worth ordering it in advance.

8. Receive Job-Seeking Support

Prepare for your life after graduation by meeting with the careers support team at your college. You should be able to find help with things like creating a resume, applying for jobs, and interview technique. Sometimes, these services remain available to students a while after they’ve graduated.

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